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This is Lee and I, a rare photo taken of us together at our lovely little Château Mareuil. 

Lee and I have owned the château since April 2015 and over the past few years have begun turning it into a delightful venue for luxury holidays, chambres d'hotes, a romantic place for weddings, a great place to hold a special party or event and a cookery school.  We have not finished by any means, there is always a new project on the go!


I've been cooking and loving it for as long as I can remember, learning first at my Mother's kitchen table and then learning by myself, mainly through trial and error.  It was always my dream to somehow make cooking part of my working life but my professional career in retail and then procurement had to come first, particularly with the need to support a young family.  During those years of hard work and commuting to London, I often would visualise a pretty country kitchen with a dresser, shelves filled with homemade preserves and shelves and shelves of my favourite cookery books.  Well, that dream has now largely come true. 


When I finally decided I'd had enough of the London commute from Tonbridge in Kent, I started a food business from home which I ran successfully for 5 years.  I catered for local dinners, parties and weddings and also ran a Farmers' Market deli stall, selling ham, pates, quiches, deli salads and ready made meals to take home.

Now, I live in the middle of France, in a château  and can cook to my hearts content, I hope you also can share my joy and enthusiasm for my favourite subject!

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